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Kieran Ghandi

“Inspired, Motivated, Energised and unable to walk down a set of stairs in the morning…My first month of training with Rogan at Rebellion Strength and has been one big learning curve coupled with the awakening of forgotten muscles and their functions!”

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Kieran Tarrant

“Most of my adult life I have struggled to be in shape. I would try and follow all of the rules that I read and it wasn’t possible, so much contradicting advice or over the top rules that I couldn’t live by. Rogan simplified everything and gave me a plan that I could enjoy. I reached my goal of losing 8 kilos with ease and faster than we anticipated. The most important part is that I have maintained the changes and enjoy my new approach to food.”

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Eddie Saia

I asked Rogan for advice on training and preparation for a competition, and I received nothing but the best of help. He was extremely helpful in setting me a plan to work with whilst guiding me through each step, and checking on my progress every week. He has a genuine enthusiasm for helping others reach their potential, as well as continually developing his own level of fitness. Rogan is precise, clear, and patient when it comes to working with others. It was great working with him and I look forward to more in the future!”

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Becca Nelson

“It is the first time I have enjoyed exercising and actually looked forward to going to the gym, Rogan varies every session so I learn something new every session, he ensures I walk away feeling positive and like I have achieved something!”

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Mindy Rodgers

“I’ve worked out in many different gyms & fitness classes, but have never received as noticeable results as I have with Rogan. It is a full body workout and he makes you do things that you don’t think are possible, but they are. Rogan varies the program from session to session with never the same routine. I am challenged, encouraged and the atmosphere is always fun and positive. I always look forward to my next session with Rogan. The results are amazing and my body has changed it’s look and it’s strength. All in all, Rogan is the best!!!!!!”

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Joe Lamb

I had never used the services of a Personal Trainer before and arrived at the gym for my first session with some anxiety. Rogan put me at ease so quickly by fully explaining the technique, purpose and biology of every exercise then demonstrating it clearly, correcting my own technique and answering my numerous questions. I always feel safe training with Rogan and his teaching has given me confidence to train safely by myself. Rogan has produced an excellent periodised training plan for me and I’ve also benefited from the nutrition eBook he wrote which is very informative and has helped me to improve my diet alongside my training. Rogan is very client-focussed and, while friendly and informal during training offers a really professional service. He has adapted to my schedule and accommodated my varying requests to train when the gym first opens in the morning or just before it closes in the evening, on weekdays or at the weekend. He has always treated me fairly and has offered excellent value for money. I would strongly recommend Rogan to anybody seeking a personal trainer or otherwise in need of an expert in strength training and nutrition.

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Ellie Thomas

“Massive thanks to Rogan for giving me the technique to lift heavier than I thought possible & the confidence to challenge myself. After hitting a plateau, I’ve changed shape dramatically in less than two months. Week on week I’ve improved my strength & fitness and I can’t recommend Rebellion Strength highly enough! Thank you for putting up with my moaning, for encouraging me when I told myself I couldn’t and for pushing me when I told you I wouldn’t!! I’m sure I’ve been a nightmare but I loved every second (apart from the ones where I hated you for pushing me, lol). I’m so grateful for the support you’ve given me & the support you’ve promised to continue to give as I start to get my head around the macro madness…you’re awesome! Rebellion Strength is AWESOME!”

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Jay Morgan

“I saw a big change even in the first month in muscle mass and fat loss. The routines are tough enough to challenge you but just enough to make sure that your training can go ahead the following day (only a little soreness). Rogan excels himself in the personal touch to training, my goals were not exactly what many people go to the gym for and Rogan was knowledgeable, excited and thoroughly helpful in providing a well thought out roadmap to get me there. As a former high level martial arts practitioner and fighter, I have trained with many people over the years and without a doubt Rogans approach to training will work for anyone. His ability to work a routine around old injuries was brilliant (and I did throw a few curve balls in that department), yet also develop areas where I had been previously adoped bad practice, correct these areas and generally strengthen my overall chain. 5* are well deserved.” 

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Rosie Johns

“Rogan doesn’t just give you a plan and tell you to stick to it – he guides you every step of the way, tweaking your technique and helping you be the best you can. He teaches you how to be better, stronger, fitter, and happier. Since training with Rogan I’ve stopped injuring myself through poor technique – I look and feel better than I ever have before. Every penny you spend on him is a life-long investment that you won’t regret.”

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 Carrie Shearer

“So I wanted to improve my overall strength, knowing nothing about lifting, I turned to Rogan. We started by setting out clear goals, which each session was clearly focused towards. Rogan reiterated the importance of good technique and was very patient when teaching the necessary skills, breaking each movement into basic steps to accommodate my pace of learning. Training was very informal and Rogan was really encouraging throughout. I left each session feeling like I’d had a decent workout and I now have a good understanding of basic Powerlifting moves. Thanks Rogan!”

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Josh Thorn

“I know a lot of PT’s. Often they provide a ‘bespoke’ training programme that is the same one they’ve given to someone completely different. Rogan is the most passionate PT I know, no matter who you are or what your goal is, his infectious enthusiasm will keep you going!
He changes training from a part time thing you try to do to get a bit fitter or healthier, into a lifestyle.”

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Catriona Hards

“Well I have benefited so much from the training plan given to me by Rogan, It definitely changed the way I do things. Because of it I have knocked a total of 37 seconds off my rowing time and have finally been able to row 300m in under a minute. That probably doesn’t mean much to anyone , but hey, it works! So yeah, to sum up, in the words of Russel Brand – Rebel Children, I urge you, fight to turgid slick of conformity with which they seek to smother your glory!”


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