The horrible truth is that all of this fitness business really starts with a promise.

A promise to expect more from yourself than you currently do.

To hold yourself to a higher standard than you currently do.

To unapologetically and without a shred of compromise live the rest of your life as the strongest version of yourself.

I say this is a horrible truth because promises are scary. That’s why we have such a hard time keeping them with other people, but more importantly with ourselves.

This seemly gargantuan promise of committing to a better life isn’t actually one promise but a series of promises that you hold yourself accountable to each and every day.

And with that in mind, lets take a look at what I have come to refer to as the ‘Game of Promises’.

So, yes. It is a massive Game of Thrones rip off… but hey – I said I was passionate, not inventive.

And at the risk of belabouring the point, the ‘Game of Promises’ is also played for keeps.

Promises, if nothing else, are simply an oath of accountability. I have mentioned time and time again, accountability is the foundation of compliance. And compliance is the foundation of success.

No one ever got the body they wanted by accident.

But no one ever got the life they wanted by accident either.

In older and some might say wiser times, an oath meant everything. To break an oath to ones brothers, family, kinsman, or lord, would result in shame, banishment, and sometimes even death.

But the presence of a life built around oaths created an opportunity for amazing feats of strength and loyalty.

In Japan there is a story of forty seven samurai who upon the murder of their master, took ritual vengeance in his name, declared themselves to be Ronin (masterless samurai) and took their own lives in Seppuku. Rather than be dishonoured, and forced to serve another masters.

“The story tells of a group of samurai who were left leaderless (becoming rōnin) after their daimyō (feudal lord) Asano Naganori was compelled to perform seppuku (ritual suicide) for assaulting a court official named Kira Yoshinaka, whose title was Kōzuke no suke. After waiting and planning for a year, the rōnin avenged their master’s honor by killing Kira. In turn, they were themselves obliged to commit seppuku for committing the crime of murder. This true story was popularized in Japanese culture as emblematic of the loyalty, sacrifice, persistence, and honor that people should preserve in their daily lives. The popularity of the tale grew during the Meiji era, in which Japan underwent rapid modernization, and the legend became entrenched within discourses of national heritage and identity.”Kanadehon, Columbia University

Now, while I am not expecting you to have a death and dishonour moment each time you reach into the cookie jar for a boredom snack, lets get one thing straight.

You have not evolved far beyond these forty seven men, who were so committed to the promises that they made in life, they were wiling to fulfil those promises even in death. That’s powerful.

Their commitment to extreme ownership of their promises and accountability to their code of conduct was so strong, that people from all of japan, and indeed the world, travel to the grave site of the forty seven Ronin to pay homage to their sense of honour and duty.

It fundamentally comes down to sticking to all the little promises and expectations that you set for yourself on the daily basis.

Don’t accept less from yourself than you do from the people around you.

Want to start losing that body fat? Commit to the promise that you will eat well and move more.

Want to feel strong for the first time in your life? Get out there and do something that challenges you to be strong. And promise you wont quit when the going gets tough.

Want to be the best partner that you can be to your significant other? Then promise that you will work on tearing down the walls that you put up so many years ago that stop you from truly connecting with another individual on a truly open and vulnerable level.

Everyone wants to make the big change. Everyone wants to turn their lives upside down with the next fad. The next craze. The next hip thing thats sweeping the nation and day time television. But the truth is this – that’s not how it works.

It starts by committing to your promises.Laying a foundation of success that bleeds into your life not just in a macro sense, but also in a micro sense.

You have to throw yourself into the ‘Game’ daily, and choose to win. Because if you break those promises that you made to yourself, and lose a day of living as the best version of you – you chose that.

For my final words I want you the reader to meditate on a final thought.

“Virtuosity is not the art of mastering the uncommon. Virtuosity is the art of uncommon mastery of common things.”

Go forth and become virtuosos of the ‘Game’ in your own lives.

Live with love, strength, and passion.

Train Strong.

Live Strong.

Be Strong.

The Man Without Fear


What are you afraid of?

I want you to answer that honestly. Just say the first think that comes into your head. Got it? Good. Now let me ask you another question. Why do you choose to let yourself be afraid?

For those of you who missed my post about the ‘Mantle of the Robin’, I want to reiterate a fairly obvious point. I am a massive comic book geek. I have been in love with the mythos of the superhero since I was a small child, but where my attention is really draw to within the world of the comic multiverse is to the ‘street level’ characters. I say characters because, for a number of them, when you get right down to it, there is very little ‘heroic’ in what they do. By no means are they not heroes, just not in the truest sense of the mighty, infallible hero.Take Superman for example. Supes is your archetypal ‘hero’. Ultimately powerful, seemingly unbeatable, and a pillar of morality and ethics.

I am sure that the street level guys would have a lot to say about Superman, but I cant get a direct quote from them. They’re too busy feeding criminal scum their teeth.

There is something so raw, primal and ultimately flawed with the street level heroes that you cant help but look at them and think, “Man! You are messed up!”. Which, when you think about it,  is a pretty accurate statement. Green Arrow was stranded on and island and had to fight to survive for years on end. Batman saw his parents shot in front of him. The Punisher’s entire family was gunned down. Pretty traumatic stuff huh? But back to the point at hand, what does this have to do with you and your fear? Well, with the release of the Netflix production of Daredevil, I am once again rekindling a relationship with one of my other male archetypes from my childhood. Matt Murdock, lawyer by day and protector of Hells Kitchen (a district on the lower west side of New York), is a defender of justice system ultimately at odds with his own personal brand of justice.

A guardian Devil

A guardian Devil

The thing that I loved about Daredevil was that he was ultimately just a man. A special man, but a man made special by tragic circumstance, loss, and the bitterness of hard training. This spoke to me as a child mainly because I figured that if he could do it then why not me. Obviously I wasn’t aspiring to be a man who is essentially a flawed, conflicted sociopath with good intentions and mega fighting skills, but the thought of being able to conquer any adversary not because he was gifted, not because he was special, but because he chose to.

Daredevil is known as ‘The Man without Fear’, and when I was younger I simply believed that this literally meant that he was the truest definition of fearless – and man literally devoid of the ability to feel fear. But, the more I learnt about life and the older I got, I began to realise that Daredevil felt fear. If anything I think that he is always scared, but he chooses to not allow it to manifest in his life. I think that we can all learn a lot from this concept of fear as a choice. We are told that there is so much to fear in life, but ultimately we end up being crippled by it. We have lost the ability to master our fear, which is nothing more than negative mental fidgeting.

Fear can be good. Fear can keep you sharp and aware, but if you dont master it and make the active choice to be more than the sum of all your fears then you are stuck you will be taken by it. I understand that this all sounds a little bit dramatic, but honestly ask yourselves –  when was the last time fear stopped you from doing something?

Now, just to clarify, I am not talking about a sensible level of fear, i.e. not driving in a snow storm because you are afraid you might crash. I am talking about not speaking up because you are afraid that people will disagree with you. Not striking out on your own because you were afraid that you would fail. Being too scared to step in to the gym because it’s intimidating.

The Man without Fear

The Man without Fear

While they are all many different levels of fear, ultimately fear is fear, it simply wears many masks. So my message to you is this, master your fear – take risks! Get out there and don’t let fear stop you from doing the things that you want to do. The only way that you are going to to change anything in your life is if you have the strength, and the courage to make those changes and never look back!

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Train Strong.

Live Strong.

Be Strong.

The Daily Rebel!

8/12/14 – What are your wants vs. your needs

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday everyone, but even I need a day off. Any way, today I want to talk about Why do we do the things they do? How is it that one person will sacrifice his own life for another, while another will murder a stranger for sheer pleasure? What causes a perfect baby child to develop down the path of good or evil? What is the force that drives, shapes and develops our feelings, emotions, psyche and ultimately our behaviour?

While each one of us is unique, we also share a central nervous system and a muscular – skeletal system that function in the same way universally across all races, colours and creeds. Something else that we share in common is that there are also six fundamental human needs that everyone has in, and all behaviour is simply an attempt to meet those six needs. Each one of us prioritises our basic needs depending on the reality of our existence and our perception of our reality. I introduced these concepts in last weeks Daily Rebel.

The six human needs – 

1. Certainty: assurance you can avoid pain and gain pleasure

2. Uncertainty/Variety: the need for the unknown, change, new stimuli

3. Significance: feeling unique, important, special or needed

4. Connection/Love: a strong feeling of closeness or union with someone or something

5. Growth: an expansion of capacity, capability or understanding

6. Contribution: a sense of service and focus on helping, giving to and supporting others

The drive to fulfil our basic human needs is something that is encoded deeply into the genes every one of us. The means by which people meet these six basic human needs are unlimited and unique to each and every single human on the planet. For example, one of the six human needs is the desire for certainty in an attempt to avoid pain and gain pleasure. Some of us pursue this need by striving to control all aspects of our lives, while others obtain certainty by giving up control and adopting a philosophy of faith and faith is a key aspect for getting out of your comfort zone and getting stronger.

Having the faith to that leap and believe that you can make the extra rep, start your own business or just be the person that you always wanted to be all starts with the choice to take that first step. Sure people will argue that sometimes faith is not enough, and they are right. In some circumstances faith is not enough, but in most cases just having the courage to take that step is enough to take you just that one step further on that journey to claiming what you deserve.

Variety makes us feel alive and engaged with the world around us. Then there’s the desire for significance—a belief that one’s life has meaning and importance. Some individuals will pursue this need by competing with others, or by destroying and tearing down those around them that they see as a encroaching on their ability to develop significance in the world. Others may strive to fulfil this need through connection with other human beings. The way in which seek to discover our own significance depends once again on the choices we make to move forward in a way that is most beneficial to our own personal development. Now this is not always the easiest or most enjoyable of process’ and can be one of the most destructive and gut wrenching of moments of revelation, but the moment you come to terms with your own significance or lack there of, we can truly start developing a sense of significance in our lives leading to a sense of fulfilment.

We all have a need to experience a life of meaning. Fulfilment can only be achieved through a pattern of living in which we focus on two spiritual needs:

1) the need to continuously grow

2) the need to contribute beyond ourselves.

All dysfunctional behaviours arise from the inability to consistently meet these fundamental needs. When our attempts to reach fulfilment fail, we will settle for comfort. Look to replace any negative, and dis-empowering ways of meeting your needs with things that empower and support you and those around you. Understanding these basic needs, and which ones you are trying to meet in any given moment in time, can help you create new patterns that lead to lasting fulfilment and a true sense of significance in your life.

Here is todays workout in which I took what was a huge step out in faith and took 150kg in the back squat for a triple. It was one of the hardest things that I have ever done in the gym and took a real leap of faith on no other grounds than if I had just stopped at two reps, I would have regretted it.

Back Squat

– work up to a 3RM

– 3×3 @80% of 3RM

Leg extension

– 4 x 8 + 1 strip set

Pull ups

– 5 x max reps

Leg curl

– 4 x 8 reps

The last of the human needs is contribution,  the need to give back and develop that which is around you. They say that the mark of a man is the impression that he leaves behind, but I want to make something perfectly clear to you. Corporations will liquidate, bank accounts will empty and empires will fall, but the impact that you have on the lives of those around you will live on in the stories and memories of those individuals long after you are gone.

So get out there and take that leap of faith. Go and try that which you have been to afraid to try. Live the life that you deserve for no other reason than it is your for the taking, so long as you believe that it can be yours. Remember that in letting your own light shine that you are consciously giving people permission to do so.


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Train Strong.

Live Strong.

Be Strong.

The Daily Rebel!

3/12/14 – Can you feel the pressure?

Pressure is something that we all have to deal with on a daily basis, and without it you will never have a chance to shine. In the hierarchy of human needs we all have an innate desire for stability and certainty. We need to know when that next pay check is coming in. We need to know that our kids are safe at night, and we need to know that we are doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons. All being well in your life you will experience these times of stability and they will lead to many great developments in your life. Now, the key word here is ‘developments’. We as a species are creatures of habit. we like to do the same things because we know they will lead to a good experience, case and point – how many of you have seen the same movie twice in the last three months? A few of you and I’m sure, and to you I say, GET A LIFE! Your already knew the movie was good, so why go back? Because its familiar and easy. Beginning to see the problem here?

Seriously though, we get into routines and we never develop ourselves to act beyond our routines, or set ideals of our current situation and this leads our once prized stability and certainty to ferment into stagnation. Stagnation is the killer of development, whether it be physical, mental, professional or social. The minute we become too settled in our current situation we begin to ebb towards a point of stagnation, like a river that has a block in its flow. Remember that a Gold Fishes size is directly related to the size of its environment. Dont be someone that is limited by their current environment.


Screw you guys. I’m going to the lake!

That is why the second of our basic human needs is instability. We need change and pressure, and uncertainty in order to get out there and force ourselves to develop and grow. Without this uncertainty we will all cease to grow and die lie trees that have been lost in an ever growing, ever expanding canopy that blocks out the sky.

So get out of your comfort zone embrace the world and all its pressures. These pressures may lead you to develop into quite the diamond in the rough.

Over head press

– work up to a 2RM

– 4 x 3

Klokov press

– 4 x 8


-5 x max reps

Tricep Pushdown

– 4 x 12

Lateral raise

– 3 x 20

I hope you enjoy todays workout and that you’ll take every step that you need to develop yourself in to the amazing men and women that I know you can be. Remember, the pressure means nothing if your strong enough.

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Train Strong.

Live Strong.

Be Strong.

The Daily Rebel!

2/12/14 – Fearful Courage

I want to start this off with a quote. Now, this is a stock quote that I am sure that you have all heard before in one cliched movie or another, “courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to recognise fear and move past it.” I know that this is a late post, and that many of you will be getting ready to sleep but I want to ask you something, what are you afraid of? I can tell you that I am afraid of a lot of things, but what my fear ultimately boils down to is that I am afraid of failure. I am afraid of not doing enough, not being enough, not providing for my future etc, but what it all comes down to is failure in one way or another.

People tell me not to worry, that I should stop being worried about failure and that everyone goes through it, and do you know what I tell them? – “Why the hell would I want to be normal?” I say this because the paradox is that while people say you shouldn’t be afraid of your fear and that we all go through it, the reality is that very few people do know what failure is really like because they don’t put themselves out on the ledge in the pursuit of what they want, they just complain about how they never got what they wanted without ever really trying to go out there and get it.


We live in a state of existence where we are crippled by fear. We accept mediocrity and sedentary lives with little to no progression because we don’t want to go out on a limb and fail. Now I realise that everyone hates failure, I know I do, but this has to stop. Failure is not the worst thing in the world! Sure it sucks, but watching the chances you should have taken blow by you, that sucks way more than any uncomfortable risks could ever do. We have been lulled into this society wide state of comfort in which we settle for less than we are capable of, and far less than we deserve so long as we have the stones to work for it.

Today I felt fear of a squat. I decided that today I was going to take 150kg, my 1RM, for a double. I was going to take a weight that I considered to be my 1RM for two reps and I was terrified. I was in an empty gym, with no spotters, no one to help me if it all went wrong, and I was scared. Needless to say I succeeded in my endeavour and I am feeling stronger than ever, but not just because I could lift more weight, but because I took my fear and I moved past it. I made the decision that failure was no longer and option. That level of belief gave me courage, but it didn’t stop me from being scared, it just stopped me from being too scared to take the leap.

  • Back Squat

– Work up to a 2RM

– 3 x 3 @2RM – 20kg

  • Leg Extension

– 3 x 8

– 1 x strip set

  • Pull Ups

– 4 x max reps

  • Cable Pull Through

– 100kg max reps

– 1 X strip set

Take your risks people of the Rebellion! Go out there and live the life that your deserve by working for it, because if you are living a life that is not making you better physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually then you are not really living.

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Train Strong.

Live Strong.

Be Strong.

The Daily Rebel!

1/12/14 – I’ll take my gains with a side of gains!

Let me tell you a simple fact, walk with the lame and you will develop a limp. Tony Robbins, motivational speaker and one of the of the most successful entrepreneurs of our age, has a belief that you are the average of the five people that you surround yourself with the most. With that logic in mind, the most empowering thing that you can do as a person is to surround yourself with like minded people who are going to hold you accountable to your goals and their expectations of you. As well as your expectations of yourself.

Today I benched 120kg for new 1RM and this has been the latest in a string of new PR’s, and while I am the one responsible for the training that has gone into making these lifts possible, I would never have developed in the way that I have if it where not for my team, and the individuals that I surround myself with that drive me to be better, to make the choice to empower myself to be stronger but in and out of the gym. Now, this doesn’t mean surrounding yourself with the individuals in your life who sing your praises and pour honeyed words into your ear. It means surrounding yourself with the people that are going to call you on your bullshit excuses and be honest with you in every facet of your life. These people are the going to tell you the hard truths, and ultimately improve your life than some of your greatest ‘friends’ ever will.

So take this away with you, get out there and expose yourself to people who are better than you, who can be honest and educate you. The best way to improve your standards is to surround yourself with these people and hold yourself to a higher account.

  • Bench Press

– 6 x 1 (took many fives, triples and doubles to get to this point)

– 3 x 2

– 3 x max reps (Close Grip)

  • Dips

– 4 x max reps

  • Pull ups

– 3 x max reps + 1 x strip set Lat pull down

  • Lateral Raise

– 4 x 12 + 1 x drop set

  • Tricep Extension

– 4 x 12 + 1 strip set

Get out there, crush weaknesses and remember, you need to surround yourself with the best quality person to have the best quality of personality.

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Train Strong.

Live Strong.

Be Strong.

Daily Rebel!

30/11/14 – Passion and Product: Know the difference

I want to clarify something for you, coaching is not my ‘passion’. I love coaching, strength and the Iron more than anything but, it is not my ‘passion’, and it is not at the heart of why I am in the strength game or the coaching game. The truth is, the thing that really gets my rocks of is self empowerment, and that my friends is that Rebellion Strength is all about.

I have been listening to the audiobook, ‘Talk like TED’ by Carmine Gallo, a famous communications coach, and he said that there are two major keys to effective communication, passion and telling stories. Well, I am ‘passionate’ about strength and conditioning and the science of performance development and anatomy, but this is not what Gallo means when he talks about passion. He is talking about that thing that makes “your heart sing”, that ‘thing’ that is at the heart of your product. If you keep asking yourself ‘why?’ enough times you tend to get the the root of what really underlies your product.

For me, my product is my skill as a personal trainer, and my desire to apply that skill in the realms of strength and conditioning, but the ‘why’ behind my product is the self empowerment that taking responsibility for your body and your life gives you; and why am I obsessed with self empowerment? Because I know what it is like to feel weak, and to blame everyone else for it. For as long as I can remember I was weak both physically and mentally. I blamed everyone else for my situation and never took any responsibility for my lack of athletic prowess, my physique, or social awkwardness. I blamed genetics for the former and the fact that I was the victim of horrendous bullying and physical violence for the latter, but the truth is, that was all horse shit. I was fat because I never ate right, trained, or did anything resembling hard work. I was socially awkward because I never had the guts to stand up and fight. To beat my chest, fight back and say, “This is me! This is who I am! Take me or leave me, but your never going to beat me!”. Instead all I did was take it, internalise it, and waste what could have been some of the best years of my life being too scared to be the person that I was deep down and let people take me as I was, not as the person I was trying to be based on my expectations of who the thought I should be. I let many opportunities for new friendships and amazing experience pass me by out of fear and resentment. You know that saying about how you only regret the things you don’t do? Case and point.

The iron saved me. Weight plates and barbells where my swords and armour. The people I met, the weights that I lifted, they all took me to this point 1kg at a time. They made me understand that you are responsible for everything that goes on in and out of the gym. You are the only one that can make yourself better. Other people will help you, but it all comes down to you. Strength is a choice, and it’s the simplest choice to make, but it is by no means easy – however, what in this life is easy and still worth it? Very little. So while there was no training done on this day, I have finally laid down the concrete manifesto of Rebellion Strength – empowerment of the individual via physical training and positive behavioural reinforcement to create a superior individual to help build a superior culture, and eventually, a superior world. Is it a lofty goal? Sure! But then again, if you are strong enough, no goal is too much.

Train Strong.

Live Strong.

Be Strong.

The Daily Rebel!

29/11/14 – PR’s and Mocking Jays

So first off, this is gonna be a short one as I have a date with Jennifer Lawrence reprising her role as Katniss Everdeen in the latest instalment of the Hunger Games Trilogy. Mmm… bows and catsuits.

Any ways – the second thing is that I just PR’d my deadlift by a whole 5kg! This takes my lifetime PR to a mere 205kg and I could not be happier.  I have talked before about how in this day and age of leviathan like feats of strength how defunct the colloquial understanding of what it means to be ‘Strong’ has become and yet, despite all of that, man – I felt strong as hell!

The deadlift has always been a lift that has had an emotional connection with me. As many of you know, and as many more of you dont know. I was a horrendously fat, unconfident and socially awkward child. I remember being given packed lunches on school outings to share and eating them all to myself because I had no friends to share them with which, with hindsight being 20/20 and all, probably didn’t help my cause much. Any who, when I decided that I was going to really start hitting the gym and getting in shape so that the ladies and my peers would finally start taking notice of who I was, or at least the person I was trying to project to them, I remember seeing a PE teacher at my school doing a deadlift and thinking, “Wow!”.

There was just something so primal about the deadlift, something just so basic and raw that it spoke to me. I believed that if you could pick up enough weight off the floor, then you could pick yourself up after anything. In many ways I still do believe that. Though the body may have changed, I guess deep down I am still that fat child looking to be strong enough to have the courage to be himself, but also be more than the person that I was at the time. So I asked this teacher to teach me the deadlift. Now, at 17 I thought that having a 1RM deadlift of 100kg was pretty damn amazing – I wasnt aware of the Russians  or the Chinese at this point – and I considered myself to be one of the strongest kids in my school year and, funnily enough, that didn’t make me feel any better. I had this image of my life improving if I just could get people to see a cooler, stronger, more athletic side of me and, shockingly, when it didn’t I was crushed.

I flitted in and out of the gym over the next few years, not really getting back into lifting until I was 19 when I ‘found myself’ in the iron. Amidst the clanging of plates and the rattling of barbells I found myself born anew. I no longer cared what the world thought, what my friends though, only what I thought. For the first time I felt strong enough to be the person I knew I could be and picked myself up and got back to work, and it all started at Daves Gym in Cardiff, the one place that I truly considered home during my time as a student, and what was the first lift I performed at Daves? The deadlift.

I cried the day that I first ripped 200kg off the floor. I was 22 and cried alone in my room, not because I was sad, but because I finally felt like I was a man, and that I had got there. I had done it. I was never alone in this endeavour and I thank all my friends and team mates for inspiring me and making me stronger, but I moved that weight, and a man who can move himself can move the world. That was the day I realised that strength was my true calling, so here today I bring to you my workout from today. I hope it brings you as much luck as it did me.

  • Deadlift

– 8 x 1 (I took small jumps and peaked out for the last set)

  • Sumo Deadlift

– 15 x 3 on the minute @50

  • Bent Over Row

–  4 x 13 + 1 burn-out set of TRX Rows

  • Pull ups

– 5 x max reps

  • Long arm cable pull downs

– 4 x 20 + 1 strip set down to the bar

So I wish you all the best of luck. Get after your workout and rip that bar off the floor like someone is trying to steal it from you.

May the odds be ever in your favour!

Train Strong.

Live Strong.

Be Strong.

Excuses. Who needs them!??

Right now I am working on a farm, I have no car and no money for a gym membership. I have plenty of excuses why I should not be training and yet, I am still training. How you say? Well, I am finding heavy stuff and I am picking it up, dragging it or putting it above my head, that’s how! There are plenty of excuses to be found in life that are attempting to stop us from training, or doing anything for that matter which requires passion and motivation. We don’t need to waste time creating excuses for ourselves.
What more could you ask for?

At the moment I am playing. I am having fun with my training, and yes, while I do believe that training should be planned and recorded, it should also be fun. Run around, experiment with stuff! Yesterday I spent two hours training, and in this time I worked on my keg (or in this case gas canister) clean and press from the floor for reps. I essentially spent me training time playing and focusing on what I could do with the tools that I had in front of me. I also took some time to work on my gymnstic skill, working up to a controlled inversion on the rings as well as what ended up being multiple attempts and a tucked back lever and then, I did handstands. Do you want to know what the funny thing is? I had an awesome workout! I had fun, I sweated, and my back was on fire this morning from a job well done.

There are so many people who attack their training with this rigidity of “I must stick to my program and do nothing else”, and this mentality is great if you’re working towards a specific goal and or competitionn but remember, training should also be fun. Even if your goal is to go and squat 200kg for reps, remember to take the time to enjoy the benefits that you get from working towards and achieving these goals, as well as the joy of running faster and jumping higher than you did before. As corny as it sounds, I am a lifer and I am not looking for a quick fix, or an 8 weeks to a massive ‘whatever’ style programme. I will always be in the gym, I will always be training and I will always seek to improve myself and smash past my goals. And I am sure as hell going to make sure I have fun doing it.

This looks a great deal less fun than it is…. honest!

If there is one thing to take away from this, it is the fact that whatever it is that your passionate about, whether it be music, art, weights, martial arts, hell, you could be passionate about stamp collecting! Just make sure that you enjoy it and don’t let anything, or anyone (including yourself)  stop you from doing it with a smile on your face and joy in your heart. 


Train Strong.

Live Strong.

Be Strong.


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