The horrible truth is that all of this fitness business really starts with a promise.

A promise to expect more from yourself than you currently do.

To hold yourself to a higher standard than you currently do.

To unapologetically and without a shred of compromise live the rest of your life as the strongest version of yourself.

I say this is a horrible truth because promises are scary. That’s why we have such a hard time keeping them with other people, but more importantly with ourselves.

This seemly gargantuan promise of committing to a better life isn’t actually one promise but a series of promises that you hold yourself accountable to each and every day.

And with that in mind, lets take a look at what I have come to refer to as the ‘Game of Promises’.

So, yes. It is a massive Game of Thrones rip off… but hey – I said I was passionate, not inventive.

And at the risk of belabouring the point, the ‘Game of Promises’ is also played for keeps.

Promises, if nothing else, are simply an oath of accountability. I have mentioned time and time again, accountability is the foundation of compliance. And compliance is the foundation of success.

No one ever got the body they wanted by accident.

But no one ever got the life they wanted by accident either.

In older and some might say wiser times, an oath meant everything. To break an oath to ones brothers, family, kinsman, or lord, would result in shame, banishment, and sometimes even death.

But the presence of a life built around oaths created an opportunity for amazing feats of strength and loyalty.

In Japan there is a story of forty seven samurai who upon the murder of their master, took ritual vengeance in his name, declared themselves to be Ronin (masterless samurai) and took their own lives in Seppuku. Rather than be dishonoured, and forced to serve another masters.

“The story tells of a group of samurai who were left leaderless (becoming rōnin) after their daimyō (feudal lord) Asano Naganori was compelled to perform seppuku (ritual suicide) for assaulting a court official named Kira Yoshinaka, whose title was Kōzuke no suke. After waiting and planning for a year, the rōnin avenged their master’s honor by killing Kira. In turn, they were themselves obliged to commit seppuku for committing the crime of murder. This true story was popularized in Japanese culture as emblematic of the loyalty, sacrifice, persistence, and honor that people should preserve in their daily lives. The popularity of the tale grew during the Meiji era, in which Japan underwent rapid modernization, and the legend became entrenched within discourses of national heritage and identity.”Kanadehon, Columbia University

Now, while I am not expecting you to have a death and dishonour moment each time you reach into the cookie jar for a boredom snack, lets get one thing straight.

You have not evolved far beyond these forty seven men, who were so committed to the promises that they made in life, they were wiling to fulfil those promises even in death. That’s powerful.

Their commitment to extreme ownership of their promises and accountability to their code of conduct was so strong, that people from all of japan, and indeed the world, travel to the grave site of the forty seven Ronin to pay homage to their sense of honour and duty.

It fundamentally comes down to sticking to all the little promises and expectations that you set for yourself on the daily basis.

Don’t accept less from yourself than you do from the people around you.

Want to start losing that body fat? Commit to the promise that you will eat well and move more.

Want to feel strong for the first time in your life? Get out there and do something that challenges you to be strong. And promise you wont quit when the going gets tough.

Want to be the best partner that you can be to your significant other? Then promise that you will work on tearing down the walls that you put up so many years ago that stop you from truly connecting with another individual on a truly open and vulnerable level.

Everyone wants to make the big change. Everyone wants to turn their lives upside down with the next fad. The next craze. The next hip thing thats sweeping the nation and day time television. But the truth is this – that’s not how it works.

It starts by committing to your promises.Laying a foundation of success that bleeds into your life not just in a macro sense, but also in a micro sense.

You have to throw yourself into the ‘Game’ daily, and choose to win. Because if you break those promises that you made to yourself, and lose a day of living as the best version of you – you chose that.

For my final words I want you the reader to meditate on a final thought.

“Virtuosity is not the art of mastering the uncommon. Virtuosity is the art of uncommon mastery of common things.”

Go forth and become virtuosos of the ‘Game’ in your own lives.

Live with love, strength, and passion.

Train Strong.

Live Strong.

Be Strong.


It’s been a while.

I’m sorry it’s been so long since we last talked.

It’s not because I haven’t had anything to say. And, it’s not because you’ve done anything wrong. It’s just… I’ve been distracted.

I’ve been trying to figure out my place in this whole training / coaching space. And, let me tell you, in an industry of millionaire charlatans. That’s not an easy mirror to look in to.

I think it was Nietzche who said that one should always be wary of looking in to the abyss. Because whether you like it or not, the abyss will stare right back at you. Well… I looked. And sure enough it stared right back at me. Leaving me with more questions than answers.

Now, with the added clarity many months of self reflection, meditation, and becoming intimately acquainted with Holly Hindsight (What a bitch!). I have come to a series of conclusions regarding my goals in the fitness industry – and they concern you.

So over the next few weeks, I am going to reveal to you some of my thoughts and meditations on the fitness industry, and where I see the priorities of Rebellion Strength taking us all in this crazy, mixed up journey.

  1. Education First –

Something that I have found astounding is that the more I look into the actual nature of coaches in the fitness industry, the more I realise that we are simply teachers.

For those of you who have suddenly begun the lengthy process of rolling your eyes at this seemingly grandiose statement… bore off.

For the rest of you, bear with me.

I’m going somewhere with this.

The reality is that while many of our academic cohorts will chortle under their breath about how “those that can’t do coach”. The fact of the matter is that whether we care to view ourselves this way or not. We as coaches are teachers to our clients. Who, for all intensive purposes, are our wards.

We are responsible for them and their development. And, if was are going to accept that role and responsibility. Then we also need to accept that, as with all teacher student relationships. There is going to come an inevitable end point to our time together.

This means that once your client takes their first steps into this new stage of life. The kind of person they are in this new chapter of their journey is a direct reflection of the impact that you have had on their growth as a human being.

So if you turn out a grown ass adult that has an adults bank account, but the nutritional self control of a five year old who’s been under dosing their ritalin… you my friend fucked up.

I don’t want to be part of an industry that puts the destination before the journey.

I don’t want to be part of an industry that’s happy to starve someone down to their desired bodyweight. But let them loose back into the dietary wilds with no tangible knowledge on how to actively keep themselves healthy.

I don’t want to be part of an industry that doesn’t take the responsibility of educating their clients towards becoming healthier people for life seriously.

So with that in mind – I’m not going to be.

I am going to stand apart from the crowd and actively put the education of my clients first and foremost. If that means that they reach a point that they don’t “need” me any more. Then I know, hand on heart, that I have done a good job. And more importantly, done right by them. Laying the foundations for them to move forward with a healthier relationship with exercise, food, and themselves.

It might not be good business to create a system in which your clients out grow you. But your students can’t stay in school forever.

I truly believe that if you keep growing and developing the value and service that you bring to your clients. They themselves will grow to the point where, while they no longer need you, they will still “want” you. Because you bring so much more to their lives than simply tracking their macros or counting their reps.

You provide for them a connection to something that makes them better people. Both inside and outside of the gym.

And that my friends, is something that is priceless.

Train Strong.

Live Strong.

Be Strong.


The Man Without Fear


What are you afraid of?

I want you to answer that honestly. Just say the first think that comes into your head. Got it? Good. Now let me ask you another question. Why do you choose to let yourself be afraid?

For those of you who missed my post about the ‘Mantle of the Robin’, I want to reiterate a fairly obvious point. I am a massive comic book geek. I have been in love with the mythos of the superhero since I was a small child, but where my attention is really draw to within the world of the comic multiverse is to the ‘street level’ characters. I say characters because, for a number of them, when you get right down to it, there is very little ‘heroic’ in what they do. By no means are they not heroes, just not in the truest sense of the mighty, infallible hero.Take Superman for example. Supes is your archetypal ‘hero’. Ultimately powerful, seemingly unbeatable, and a pillar of morality and ethics.

I am sure that the street level guys would have a lot to say about Superman, but I cant get a direct quote from them. They’re too busy feeding criminal scum their teeth.

There is something so raw, primal and ultimately flawed with the street level heroes that you cant help but look at them and think, “Man! You are messed up!”. Which, when you think about it,  is a pretty accurate statement. Green Arrow was stranded on and island and had to fight to survive for years on end. Batman saw his parents shot in front of him. The Punisher’s entire family was gunned down. Pretty traumatic stuff huh? But back to the point at hand, what does this have to do with you and your fear? Well, with the release of the Netflix production of Daredevil, I am once again rekindling a relationship with one of my other male archetypes from my childhood. Matt Murdock, lawyer by day and protector of Hells Kitchen (a district on the lower west side of New York), is a defender of justice system ultimately at odds with his own personal brand of justice.

A guardian Devil

A guardian Devil

The thing that I loved about Daredevil was that he was ultimately just a man. A special man, but a man made special by tragic circumstance, loss, and the bitterness of hard training. This spoke to me as a child mainly because I figured that if he could do it then why not me. Obviously I wasn’t aspiring to be a man who is essentially a flawed, conflicted sociopath with good intentions and mega fighting skills, but the thought of being able to conquer any adversary not because he was gifted, not because he was special, but because he chose to.

Daredevil is known as ‘The Man without Fear’, and when I was younger I simply believed that this literally meant that he was the truest definition of fearless – and man literally devoid of the ability to feel fear. But, the more I learnt about life and the older I got, I began to realise that Daredevil felt fear. If anything I think that he is always scared, but he chooses to not allow it to manifest in his life. I think that we can all learn a lot from this concept of fear as a choice. We are told that there is so much to fear in life, but ultimately we end up being crippled by it. We have lost the ability to master our fear, which is nothing more than negative mental fidgeting.

Fear can be good. Fear can keep you sharp and aware, but if you dont master it and make the active choice to be more than the sum of all your fears then you are stuck you will be taken by it. I understand that this all sounds a little bit dramatic, but honestly ask yourselves –  when was the last time fear stopped you from doing something?

Now, just to clarify, I am not talking about a sensible level of fear, i.e. not driving in a snow storm because you are afraid you might crash. I am talking about not speaking up because you are afraid that people will disagree with you. Not striking out on your own because you were afraid that you would fail. Being too scared to step in to the gym because it’s intimidating.

The Man without Fear

The Man without Fear

While they are all many different levels of fear, ultimately fear is fear, it simply wears many masks. So my message to you is this, master your fear – take risks! Get out there and don’t let fear stop you from doing the things that you want to do. The only way that you are going to to change anything in your life is if you have the strength, and the courage to make those changes and never look back!

To find out how you can get strong and realise your inner athlete just click the link below.

Train Strong.

Live Strong.

Be Strong.

How to Look Good Naked!

Let’s be real for a moment, whether you are all about performance or dat aesthetics life, we all just want to look good naked. It is a basic, some might even say primal need to look as appealing to the opposite sex as possible, and I am going to give you some tips on how to make sure that you are looking as sexy as possible. Sex appeal is everywhere, in our marketing, our media, our homes, pop culture and fashion. Particularly in fashion. The reason for this being that we are a species of peacocks. We buy the best dressings, trimmings and trappings to look as appealing as possible to the opposite sex, but really this is all a facade. The media has made you ashamed of your body and how it doesn’t look like those that grace the cover of many a glossy magazine. Well I am here to tell you that it’s ok, and that you should probably be less hard on yourself because –  here is the dirty little secret. Not everyone can have a six pack. This, has nothing to do with genetics and physiology, and has everything to do with the fact that many don’t truly understand the level of time, work, and dedication that goes into the getting abs and oblique ridges, and once again, thats ok.

TIP 1 – Take a step away from the media:

I think we all have had the moment where we look around ourselves and we judge our bodies against those of the general public and we think to ourselves, “I feel pretty damn good about myself right now.” This is natural and doesn’t make you a bad person – a tad shallow, but not a bad person. We all do it so lets all just get off our high horses for a moment and just be real. We use the people around us as a yard stick for how good we look and feel, so why do we let ourselves get bogged down by some half starved dude/chick on a magazine, and believe me, they are half starved. We have an obsession with leanness and our perception of sexy, but none of use really can separate lean from healthy and trust me, there is a difference. The thing that no one likes to talk about is the fact that these models that we use to judge our appearance against are only in that level of shape a few weeks out of the year, and what they go through to look that ‘good’- which lets remember is a relative term, is intense and something that takes a special kind of person to achieve. Endless hours of training, meal prepping, in some cases dehydrating and having a life that revolves around be lean and aesthetic, not healthy, and if you talk to many people who have been through this will tell you that its not a fun experience.

Click this image for one of the most honest articles out there regarding the difference between lean and healthy.

Click this image for one of the most honest articles out there regarding the difference between lean and healthy.

So my first tip is this, go cold turkey for a week. Don’t look at people lifting/training/dieting/modelling on youtube, in magazines, on Instagram or Pintrest and then have a look at yourself in the mirror. I will put down cold hard cash that while you may not look any better, you wont have an image in your mind to compare yourself against and create a self destructive pattern of ‘us and them’ and as a result feel that much better about your body as a whole. Remember, if no one has every chucked you out of bed once they have seen you naked, chances are that they wont. Human beings love contact and love being around one another. If you have made it this far, chances are your safe as houses.

TIP 2 – Be responsible:

Ok, so while you may never end up looking like Steve Cook or Jamie Easton do on the cover of Muscle and Fitness all year round, that does not mean you cant look and feel like the best version of yourself possible, just in reason. There is very little in the world more primal than the need to go out and assert your physical dominance over something. Whether if be over an obstacle, an opposing team, or even just a previous PR, getting physical in life is such an intrinsic part of the human experience that we need to embrace the physical/sexual part of ourselves, because whether we want to admit it or not getting physical is sexual. I don’t mean this in terms of straight or gay, but more in terms of the fact that we train to feel good, and when you feel good you look good, when you look good you get chatted up more, and when you get chatted up more the likelihood of you getting laid is substantially higher.

He doesn't look like this 24/7, 365 days of the year. So stop expecting that you should!

He doesn’t look like this 24/7, 365 days of the year. So stop expecting that you should!

So my second tip is this, get active. Get physical. Increased levels of exercise  and physical exertion will lead to an increase fat burning potential, growth hormone production, endorphine production levels, all things that make you more confident and happy. This confidence will shine through in your daily life and your night time activities. To get in great shape you can hire a personal trainer, but really what this comes down to is making you exude confidence in your daily life which will not just make you more appealing due to your increased physical prowess- because lets be honest, athletes do it better – but in your entire body language. Remember the roughly 70% of all communication is non verbal, and nothing is less attractive than someone who’s body language illustrates a host of deep seated personal issues. Stand tall, stay proud and remember, you have worked hard for your body and your physical ability. They say that there is somebody for everybody. Well I like to think of it as that there is some body for every body. It’s just up to you to believe that, that body is your body!

This was a quick little snippet of the kind of personal development aspects of training that I provide. Personal trainers don’t just change lives with barbells, but also with our words and beliefs. Get in touch to find out how I can help you via the details on the contacts page. Much love to all of you and remember, be confident and believe that you are beautiful, and sexy, and confident, and most of all – that you deserve to be loved physically, sexually and spiritually. Because, lets be honest, if you cant do that, don’t be surprised that others wont.




Rogan Allport – Head Trainer

Thoughts of the Day!

You need joy in your life! Now, I will be the first to say that work has to be a huge part of your life, and ideally one should strive to work at something which is a great source of passion in your life. However, for a lot of people, this is not always achievable, nor practical.

My thought is this, find something in your life that you are passionate about and make your life as focused on that passion as possible. It will make the time you spend not doing what you love that much easier.

You may be a finacial excutive who loves to rock climb, or, you could be a rock climber who works as a financial executive. The choice my friends is down to you!

Finding Your Strength

This is an article I wrote a while back for Tabata Times, and I would like to to give them full credit and thanks for giving me the opportunity to write this piece which has been very important to me during this stage of my life.

 – I write this while travelling home to Cardiff from a seeing my family back in Kent and, in true Rebellion fashion I am sitting here contemplating my own strength. Now, I will be the first person to admit that I am nothing spectacular when it comes to strength. I am not the strongest guy in my friendship group, my gym, and sure as hell not the world. But compared to the average person I would be considered strong. This relative notion of strength is something that I find both intriguing and frustrating. I am the proud owner of a 200kg deadlift, which my friends think is great, and at the time I thought this was a big deal – for me and my own ‘gains’. But now I am struck each day by just how strong the human race is becoming.

Maybe one day, but not yet.

The 1000lb squat used to be the biggest deal within the Powerlifting world – but now it is something that is being done on a fairly ‘regular’ basis. How mind boggling is that? I cannot conceive of how 1000lbs would feel on my back, and how it would feel to press that weight out of the bottom of a squat with nothing but pure unadulterated brutality. Equally, just to stick it to those haters who don’t consider Powerlifting an athletic pursuit – Lu Xiao Jun (-77kg) now has the world record in the Snatch, which I believe is 176kg.

Take a moment to let that sink in. A 77kg Chinese man, in one swift motion, hoisted 176kg over his head, sat in the bottom of an overhead squat, and then, to top it all off, stood there in lockout just waiting for the down command. HOW THE HELL CAN HE DO THAT!? No, for real, how can he do that? How can there be this massive difference in strength between us as a species, genetics and upbringing? Well for me that’s not good enough for me. We are all born different for sure. But then why is the gap so big? I get that these people have trained most of their lives to be this strong but most people, even under the same circumstances, could never even hope to achieve this level of strength.

What sick madness is this?!

With all of this in mind how can we actually define what is ‘strong’ anymore? My 200kg deadlift means nothing in the grand scheme of strength, but then what does? As each world record is broken, as each feat of athletic endeavor is completed, as each new yardstick is struck into the ground of human performance, how the hell are we meant to keep up and say what is strong? If no one is strong, does that make everyone weak? To those of us for whom strength in not simply a pursuit or a marker of athletic performance but a means by which we define ourselves – how can we continue to define ourselves in a field which is constantly moving forward at a rate where most of us cannot even hope to keep up?

Are we, as a generation of young lifters, developing a disconnection between us and ‘them’? The Herculean ‘them’ who are more than we are and more than we could ever hope to be? Are these great athletes losing their identity in our generation’s perception of strength? Have they become titans rather than men? In that loss of identity have we lost the ability to define ourselves as ‘Generation Iron’ in the feats of these athletes? We can all say that we have felt the pain, the struggle and the joy of lifting, but very few of us know what it is to hold the weight of the world in our hands.

How can I relate to that? How can Matt Chan Relate to Klokov?

To speak of bulls, my friends, is not to have run with them. I guess what it really comes down to is the fact that the strength of each individual is not measured in the end result – nor should it be. How can we as Brothers in Strength compare our strength to that of these titans? We can’t, and when we remove the end, we are left with the means, and it is in the means by which the individual achieves his/her strength that we find their true strength. The strength of the individual has to be found in the great pains they have gone to in order to find the strength within themselves to keep moving forward in the face of these leviathan like feasts of strength that we could never hope to match.

I guess I am writing this for two reasons. Partially as a cathartic release of my own pent up frustration at my own level of strength, but also as a reminder to myself – and to you my readers – that there is so much more to strength than the endless chase of an ever-evolving number. Strength must be made into a personal pursuit which has to be more than just the numbers you get to put up on your gym’s PR board. It has to be a personal love, a love so deep that to be parted from your strength would be a fate worse than death. We can’t define what is strong, only you can do that. Only you; Weightlifter – Crossfitter – Gymnast – Athlete. Find your definition of strong and hold it close, and hold it dear.

Gong-Fu lifting and a Gong-Fu life

“Gong-Fu; Hard work over time to accomplish skill. A painter can have Gong-fu. Or the butcher who cuts meat every day with such skill his knife never touches bone. The musician can have Gong-fu, or the poet who paints pictures with words and makes emperors weep. This, too, is Gong-fu.”  – Lu Yan (Jackie Chan), The Forbidden Kingdom.


You too can master Gong-fu. We are all engaged in some cycle of skill acquisition. Whether it involves learning a new skill, a language, sport, or movement, very little in life comes easily. Nor should it! We all have that thing, that special something that we are seeking to acquire in life. Often enough, we find that we have gotten more out of the journey, the time and effort taken to achieve that which we are seeking than we ever could have from the thing itself.


The beauty of the path is not to be underestimated

We all have our own Gong-fu to master, and this mastery takes an investment of time and a huge commitment to the cause. Through this commitment we are taken on a journey, and it is on this journey that we attain our grasp of mastery. I say a grasp of mastery because true mastery is simply and illusion. It is something that is beyond our comprehension, a truly Platonic concept of something so perfect that it is the purest expression of itself, and as such, can only be conceived in the mind rather than the body. Should this dissuade you? NO! It is through the journey that we become the best that we can be – not by reaching of some preconceived idea of mastery which, once arrived at, shatters our own perception of mastery as we realize just how far we have still to go on this long winding journey.

But do not be disheartened, my friends and fellow travelers. I challenge you to look back on your journey. Look back deep into the time that you have spent in the pursuit of personal gain. See how far you have come, not how far you have still to go. For truly, the path never ends, the journey is eternal and the destination unreachable. But this does not make the journey any less wonderful, any less beneficial, or any less important. On this journey you will experience mires and mistakes which will seek to throw you off the path of mastery. But these are also important parts of the journey. Without these mistakes and plateau’s we never learn what it is to go off the track, and miss out on some of the most developmental experiences that the journey of life has to offer. It has been said that there are a thousand lessons in defeat, yet none in victory. In my mind there has been no truer word spoken on the subject of a defeat. However, remember that the point of a defeat is not to crush your soul. True failure at anything is simply a reminder of how much you have to learn. Like a stern but nurturing teacher it shows you where you are weak and what part of yourself you have to strengthen and develop in order to endure the journey of mastery.

Marilou Dozois-Prevost of Canada reacts after failing to lift the weight in the women's 48kg Group A snatch weightlifting competition at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Enjoy the failure, it’s showing you the way to success

This journey is a development of the mind, spirit and body. Without the mind we cannot perceive the image of perfection and mastery. Without the spirit we have no fortitude to hold fast against the whirling and beating storms that life throws at us. Yet, without the body we have no vehicle to carry the mind or the spirit, no way to express their strengths and suffer their weaknesses. Take this view of life into every single action that you take. Some may practice martial arts, others may train their bodies, and some lose themselves in the never-ending labyrinth of the mind. But while some practice one thing, go out into the world and practice everything. Every step you take, every word you say, thought you have, and weight you lift, each person you make love to. Seek to make it the purest, most perfect expression of who you are, and what it truly is.

This is no easy thing. But this is the Gong-Fu of life. This is the martial skill that allows you to combat the imperfections of yourself and your mind. Aspire to be more – do more and think more so that you feel more. Put yourself before all things, and yet have nothing that you value less that yourself. The Buddhists say that attachment is the root of all suffering, and that only through detachment from all things can we truly reach enlightenment. But I do not see a cause for nihilism in these words. What I see is a commitment to not put one thing above the place of another. To not love one thing with all that you are, but to love all things, at all times, with all that you are.

Love each failed lift, because with that failure you have moved one step closer on the path to mastery. The journey of life is measured in feet, not miles.

Train Strong.

Live Strong.

Be Strong.


For any information or questions regarding the blog, or for any information regarding my services as a Personal Trainer, please contact me via my Facebook Page, Twitter, Email, or in the comment section below.




Excuses. Who needs them!??

Right now I am working on a farm, I have no car and no money for a gym membership. I have plenty of excuses why I should not be training and yet, I am still training. How you say? Well, I am finding heavy stuff and I am picking it up, dragging it or putting it above my head, that’s how! There are plenty of excuses to be found in life that are attempting to stop us from training, or doing anything for that matter which requires passion and motivation. We don’t need to waste time creating excuses for ourselves.
What more could you ask for?

At the moment I am playing. I am having fun with my training, and yes, while I do believe that training should be planned and recorded, it should also be fun. Run around, experiment with stuff! Yesterday I spent two hours training, and in this time I worked on my keg (or in this case gas canister) clean and press from the floor for reps. I essentially spent me training time playing and focusing on what I could do with the tools that I had in front of me. I also took some time to work on my gymnstic skill, working up to a controlled inversion on the rings as well as what ended up being multiple attempts and a tucked back lever and then, I did handstands. Do you want to know what the funny thing is? I had an awesome workout! I had fun, I sweated, and my back was on fire this morning from a job well done.

There are so many people who attack their training with this rigidity of “I must stick to my program and do nothing else”, and this mentality is great if you’re working towards a specific goal and or competitionn but remember, training should also be fun. Even if your goal is to go and squat 200kg for reps, remember to take the time to enjoy the benefits that you get from working towards and achieving these goals, as well as the joy of running faster and jumping higher than you did before. As corny as it sounds, I am a lifer and I am not looking for a quick fix, or an 8 weeks to a massive ‘whatever’ style programme. I will always be in the gym, I will always be training and I will always seek to improve myself and smash past my goals. And I am sure as hell going to make sure I have fun doing it.

This looks a great deal less fun than it is…. honest!

If there is one thing to take away from this, it is the fact that whatever it is that your passionate about, whether it be music, art, weights, martial arts, hell, you could be passionate about stamp collecting! Just make sure that you enjoy it and don’t let anything, or anyone (including yourself)  stop you from doing it with a smile on your face and joy in your heart. 


Train Strong.

Live Strong.

Be Strong.


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Welcome to the Rebellion

Right, first things first, I want to get something of my chest. I cannot stand the fact that we are living in society in which we are told that it is acceptable to be mediocre. Am I saying that I am angry with people who are not elite level athletes? HELL NO! Because then I’d be angry with myself, and honestly verbal self flagilation is not my style, but I digress. What angers me are people who let themselves get overweight, unfit, and unhealthy with bad food, bad habits and bad company, because to want better goes against the grain. To train hard, to say that you are better than this and deserve more, to take command of your reality and actively try to alter your situation makes you the outcast.

I changed my situation massively. I used to be dramatically overweight, unfit, and just generally not the strongest version of myself. However, when I started to change, I rebelled from the mindset that I had. I rebelled against the thought that I wasn’t good enough and that I could never change. I want you all to realise that you are good enough, that there is nothing you cannot do if you are willing to work hard enough to achieve it! Remember my friends, the juice is always worth the squeeze. So this is what this blog is about, waging our own personal Rebellion against the trend, daring to be all that you can be and going that extra mile in the pursuit of everything that you ever wanted. There are going to be some things said on this blog that you may not like, some things you may not agree with, but everything will hopefully make you think, make me think, and lead us all towards a greater drive to become all that we can be.

So, welcome to the Rebellion

Train Strong.

Live Strong.

Be Strong.


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