Let’s Talk Magnitude…

Look, let’s be honest here for a second. You are a busy individual. You have a job, a life, a family, or a sport that takes up a great deal of your time. And regardless of whether you are an office based gym warrior, or an athlete looking to maximise your performance, you’re both interested in getting the most bang for your buck during your dedicated gym time.

But how!?

Training magnitude is a representation of the direct relationship between the exercises performed during a training session, and the impact of that training session on the bodies adaptation.

Short story long, if you attempt to get the maximal training magnitude from your session, you will get the greatest results.  This all starts with exercise selection. Are you choosing the exercises that are going to get you towards your goal as quickly as possible, or are you just faffing?

The truest test of whether or not you are selecting appropriate exercises for your goal is to first understand what your goal is.

Fat loss? Awesome!

Improving power and strength? Sweet!

Want a set of nice arms? Who doesn’t?!

Once you know your goal you need to make sure you are following a few simple rules when selecting your exercises, and putting them into a sensible order:

  1. Big exercises come first –

Exercises that require the most effort, cross the greatest distance, and move the most joints come first. Simple as. If you are putting your deadlifts, squats, presses and chin ups at the end of your programme rather than at the beginning, then you are missing out on making the most out of your session.

2. Isolation exercises come second –

This basically follows on from point one. After the most important exercises are finished, make sure the following exercises are going to help improve those movements i.e. lat pull downs after pull ups. This will make sure that you are bolstering your ability to increase your performance in your primary movements every week. Remember, your chasing progression, not just a sweaty back and a sick pump.

3. Due diligence comes third –

This is the point in your training session where you need to take the time to focus on corrective exercises to prevent muscular imbalances, or to really focus in on dedicated mobility time to increase training performance and prevent injury. Either way, the point of this moment in the session is to make sure that you are working on the aspects of your performance that will allow you to stay safe, and keep improving week by week.

Going hard in your programme is all well and good, but the fact is that coming in and smashing yourself isn’t always smart, and it sure as hell isn’t always conducive to improving performance in the gym.

Remember that anyone can put together a hard programme. But a good programme takes planning, consideration of multiple factors, and proper execution.

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