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Great article from friend of the company, and FHQ Ltd co-founder Richard Jones – 

Choosing the right fitness course for you…


The fitness industry has grown exponentially over recent years and there are now a number of training providers and colleges offering a wide range of personal training qualifications. Developing a career in fitness can be hard work, long hours and sometimes rather challenging. However, a career in fitness is also extremely rewarding, fun, no day is ever the same and the sense of satisfaction when clients reach their goals is second to none. I can’t recommend a career in fitness or health strongly enough.


Having said this, one of the foundations to a successful career in fitness is education. As I mentioned earlier there are a number of organisations who now deliver personal trainer courses, weightlifting qualifications and nutrition courses. My main issue here is their experience. The majority of training organisations which I’ve come in to contact with remind me of the old saying ‘if you can’t do it, teach it’. So, the purpose of this short article is to highlight 5 key points which I suggest you look for when choosing where to complete your fitness qualification:


1. Testimonials – always check out their testimonials and reviews on their website.

2. Experience – I would always suggest that you research their history and experience doing the job. If your provider delivers personal training qualifications yet has never had a successful career as a personal trainer, can they really help you develop the career you want?! I don’t think so!

3. Approved – are their qualifications approved by an awarding organisation like YMCA Awards? Approved courses are crucial as they are quality assured and are recognised by insurance companies.

4. Blogs – I would always check out their blog section of the website as this will give you an idea of what they preach and whether or not they are up to date with their research. It also gives you an idea of their training ethos and beliefs.

5. Cost – with education, the cheapest is not always the best.


As I mentioned earlier there are a number of training organisations which deliver personal training qualifications, however I strongly recommend Fitness HQ for both their personal trainer courses and British Weightlifting qualifications which are available in Cardiff and throughout the UK. They are an organisation which was founded by a successful personal trainer and are approved by a number of nationally and internationally recognised awarding bodies. Not only do these guys deliver some of the best courses available but they also practice what they preach. For more information check them out at



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