Two Tips to Ensure New Years Resolution Survival

With a legion of ‘New Year, new me’ers’ growing stronger everyday due to a month of too much wine, too many mince pies, and not enough self restraint, I want to take a moment to help give you two top tips on how you the ‘new you’ actually live past January 15th.
1 . Think back, move forward – 

The honest truth is that while it is all well and good talking about how this year is going to be ‘the year’ – you said that last year. Get over yourself! Stop repeating a cycle that has time and time again ended in failure and left you feeling disappointed in yourself and demotivated to keep pursuing your goals. Think back to all the times you’ve tried to make a big positive change in your life and failed. Now try and think about why you’ve failed. I know it’s an uncomfortable experience confronting your short comings, but the truth is that until you know where you are going wrong, you are never going to develop safeguards to prevent yourself falling back into old bad habits. The only way to get where you’re going is to know where you have come from.


2. Slow and steady wins the race – 

So, you’ve put your cards on the table. You’ve joined a gym, bought new trainers and have a sexy Lululemon headband to make sure that the other ‘New Year, new me’ers’ know that you are not like them, you’re special, you’re hear to stay. So you hit the gym January 1st, kitted out with all your N.N.L (Neon, Nikes, and Lululemon) gym essentials and you hit it; hard! You go home in a sweaty mess feeling really good about yourself and mix yourself a recovery shake in your new nutribullet and start grilling your salmon and asparagus for your later meals – no sauce of course. That would be far to calorific…

Nailed it!

With valiant effort you keep this up for the first week. You’re dieting hard, training harder, and feeling pretty damn good about it. Sure, you’re a little hungry, but eating is cheating right? No body got ‘the body’ by eating carbs or enjoying life – right? Well by week three you’re not feeling as good about this whole ‘new me’ thing. You’re tired, lethargic, gaunt and, like all people in your situation do, you cave and grab the cookies. 
Rome was not built in a day, and you can’t expect the body you want to happen in a matter of weeks. Building a new you is a long process, and it can’t be rushed. Make small, maintainable changes every month and I promise you that when you take a look in the mirror a year from now, you will be amazed at how far you have come, and how much fun you have had a long the way. You cannot ‘deprive’ your way to the body you want, and the person you aspire to be. You have to ‘provide’ for the body and life that you want or otherwise you will never grow.

Happy New Year Rebels, and remember,

Train Strong.

Live Strong.

Be Stronger.

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