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I have been having a number of client engagements of late that have left me both baffled and inspired, and ultimately have lead to some what of a theme in my latest stream of content. Maybe its me and my lack of pop culture knowledge and general societal awareness- but when did we start making life so complicated?

The last time I checked as a culture we were all about ergonomics, streamlining and convenience, and yet all I see is that in our day to day thinking we are over complicating what are very simple issues. It is almost as if we are suffering from paralysis by analysis on a global scale. We have so many options, how are we meant to pick what is the right one? The fitness community is no different than anyone else in regards to being trapped in this cycle of ‘to choose or not to choose.’ As I have stated in one of my newsletters, which I invite to you subscribe to, I go into some depth regarding the shift in the role of fitness professionals, and how we have gone from being the keepers of fitness and health related knowledge, to being the distillers of publicly available information and, in short, are tasked with separating the wheat from the chaff in regards to applicable training advice.

This mass of publicly available information has left scores of people left dumbfounded as to what they actually need to do in order to lose weight, get strong, and generally live a longer, healthier life. Should you go low carb? HIIT training or Strength training? Do raspberry ketones actually work?

Ultimately we can keep complicating the act of getting healthy much as we want, but if you don’t get to the places that you want to be, then what is the point? I like to think of myself as somewhat of a training minimalist – I am all about getting the most results from the minimal amount of work. Ultimately I am a business owner and I am the other half a long distance relationship. I am a writer, and a socialite. I am a councillor and lifter. I am more than just a gym bunny and I have a life to live outside of the gym. For a long time I struggled with managing my business life, my personal life and my training. It wasn’t till I was introduced to two principals and what is known as 10X thinking by Tim Ferriss that I realised that the problem wasn’t my lifestyle it was me. I was overcomplicating things and not stream lining my lifestyle around my goals.

Ultimately I have three main goals:

1. Make my fortune helping others to become empowered through strength and knowledge.

2. Become the strongest version of myself.

3. To have a family that I can provide for without sacrificing my time with them.

If these are my goals, then I know that I have my end points, but the real question is, how do you get there? 10X thinking is essentially looking at your goal and asking yourself what is stopping you getting a ten times return on your investment. Or in my case, how can I take my  athletic and business 10 year plan and turn it into your one year plan, and a big part of that is focusing on these two rules:

i – Pick the low hanging fruit!

With fitness and business it is easy to get bogged down with the million and one seemly important tasks upon which you believe your business is founded, but the truth is that when you take a long hard look in the cold light of day, you begin to realise that the vast majority of these tasks actually lead very little by way of a return. In regards to business, how many of you go out there and start actively trying to change your life by adding more to it? Checking emails every hour on the hour, or trying to hand write all of your emails to give them a ‘personal feel’? I know I did, and the truth is that if you want to grow your business then you need to accept the fact that it is going to grow to the point where you either need to streamline the way in which your business run and accept simplicity and automation, or hire people and outsource these tasks to them. Both are valid options, but essentially allows you to free up more time to work on the what Stephen Covey calls the ‘essential’ and ‘important’ aspects of running your business.

The world of fitness is no different. How many of you have wanted to lose weight and get in shape after one too many years of abusing your body? I imagine its a fair number. So you go about adding in the stress of counting calories, the stress of having to prep your hundred and one fat burning supplements and juice cleanse shakes, rather than just taking a simple look at what you are doing and realising that rather than adding in more complications to your life, you should be looking to reduce the complexity of your situation.

Start but just taking the processed junk out of your diet. Then start exercising more, even if you decided to just cycle to work instead of taking the car. These two simple factors will give you far more sustainable results than any fad diet or supplement ever will.

Once I understood this concept fully I just looked at what was going to get me towards my goals the most effectively and simply. Streamlining my own training allowed me to spend the same time training, but get far more quality out of my investment in time allowing me to get do an all time deadlift PR of 220kg in my last powerlifting meet.

Some highlights from me and my clients

ii – The 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule was created by an economist from Italy named Vilifredo Pareto, and it states that roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. What this means in regards to your business is that roughly 80% of your profits will come from roughly 20% of your clientele. Pareto’s law of the vital few forces us to look at ways to maximise our time and minimise our stress by focusing on the 20% that bring you the most amount of profit, and seeking to replicate this select clientele throughout the rest of the business. Seek to find those who will value your product at a higher price point and seek to over deliver in terms of the delivery value. In Tim Ferriss’ seminar ‘Opening the Kimono’ he charged $10,000 dollars per seat. He also made his clientele fill out a large questionnaire to assess whether or not they where appropriate attendants for his seminar, and only accepted payment in the form of wire transfers, thus eliminating any from of debt accruement for his wannabe attendees. He filled out his two hundred seat seminar without anymore advertising than a seven hundred and fifty word blog post on This if nothing else shows you the value of appreciating the impact of the 20%.

Tim Ferriss - Master of effective efficiency and potentially the most interesting man alive!

Tim Ferriss – NYTimes best selling author, master of effective efficiency and potentially the most interesting man alive!

Pareto’s law applies to your fitness goals as well. Focus on the 20% of your activities that are getting your the closest to your goals. This of course comes back to what you know the be the most effective in regards to you and your own personal training. I simply focus on getting my clients to clean up their diets in regards to eating whole foods with little to no sugar, and getting them to exercise more. We can complicate things further by adding in macronutrient ratios and macronutrient cycling, but the truth is that the whole journey starts with just getting moving and eating better. These two things give you the greatest return on your investment.

This has played out in my own training as well. I am currently committing to an olympic weightlifting focus in my training and as such I am doing what I need to do to get good at the olympic lifts, i.e the lifts themselves, squats, and deadlifts. I have gone from doing 5-8 exercises per session to doing 3-4. Sure, a few accessory exercises are thrown in here and there for good measure, but for the most part my training is just that simple.

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