The Daily Rebel – Snatches, misses, and offering a different perspective

So today was a very odd workout for me.

While I managed to make 76kg in the snatch my toy, I couldn’t stick it. What do I mean by the? Well, getting the weight overhead was sickeningly easy… keeping it there on the other hand was another matter all together. Truth is that I have always sucked over head, however, while I could simply chalk this up as another bad session, I actually looked at this from a different perspective. I chalked this workout up as a win!

The last time that I snatched that heavy I was 94kg, while at this current moment I sit at a svelt 88kg (194lbs), and while this may not seem like a big difference is weight, when you are performing something as technically demanding as weightlifting, then small changes in body composition and levers does play a huge factor. Also, while may max lifts have not gone up, e.g, my 1RM’s, my minimum weight has increased massively. I have gone from hitting 65kg 5/10 times to consistently being able to get 70kg up and over my head with ease on any given day. This positive outlook on todays training session was bolstered even further when I think about how easily the weight popped up over my head in regards to what that weight felt like only a few months ago.


One day…

Training is going to be filled with failure, especially in weightlifting. So stop taking everything at face value and broaden your horizons when it comes to defining ‘progress’. There is more to success that more weight on the bar.

But enough wisdom, here is todays workout:

A1) SNATCH: 1X1RM / 3 X 1@90%

B1) HANG SNATCH: 1X3RM / 3X3@90%



Hope you enjoy todays training and, while I don’t know about you, I cannot wait for squats tomorrow!

Rogan Allport

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