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18/12/14 –

Hey there Rebels. I am sorry for lack of posts over the last few days but I have been going through a number of personal issues that have prevented me from posting, so I will be giving you all the workouts I have done. I have had to make a number of personal choices this week regarding my personal life and also my career, and it got me thinking. We as people are the result of the choices that we make. There are no ordinary moments and how we respond to them dictates the kind of person that we are going to turn into, and whether or not that person is going to be extraordinary. As such, we need to always strive to make the decisions that allows us to develop into the person that we want to be.

A little know fact about me is that one of my favourite super heroes of all time is actually a side kick. Please bare with me, there is a point to all of this. Robin from the Batman series as own by DC comics played a huge roll in the development of not just my personality, but also my beliefs on the potential of human kind. When I say Robin many of you are thinking about a young boy in a red tunic, but that is not the Robin that I am talking about. I am in fact not talking about any singular Robin, rather, I am talking about the mantle of the Robin that has been passed down to four different young men who in their own unique ways have struggled to become, not only the Robin they could be, but the men that they had to be.


All the Robins new and old

The first Robin was Richard ‘Dick’ Grayson. Orphaned at a young age Dick was a member of ‘The Flying Graysons’ and saw his family murdered before his very eyes. After many years as Robin he eventually left the Batcave to seek out his own destiny as Nightwing, a hero in his own right. Jason Todd soon followed after Grayson as the new Robin. Todd was taken in by Batman after being caught trying to boost the Batmobile and was a more aggressive Robin than his predecessor. Jason was eventually killed by the Joker, beaten to death with a crow bar during a mission gone bad. Jason later returned from the dead and took up the mantle of the Red Hood, acting as an enemy of the Bat Family before eventually returning to their side and leading his own group of heroes known as the Outlaws. Tim Drake was taken in during the time period that Bruce believed Jason to be dead and struggled with the combative arts that Jason mastered, and the gymnastic ability that was ingrained within Grayson, but became a fine Robin in his own right, and like Dick left that Batcave to become Red Robin, a greater detective than either of the previous Robins, some might go so far as to say equal to Batman himself. Last but not least, Damian Wayne, the true son of the Batman came into the fold as the lastest incarnation of Robin. Damian, as the child of Talia al’Ghul, daughter of Raas al’Ghul – the leader of the League of Assassins, was raised to be a killer. Mercy was a weakness that even at the tender age of 12 he could ill afford as the heir to such a mighty dynasty. However, due to reasons that I will not go into he eneded up in the charge of his father, Bruce Wayne, and took up the Robin costume. As Robin Damian presented a violent and bloodthirsty streak that none of the previous Robins, save Jason Todd, shared and saw Batmans view on killing as a sign of weakness, but he too learned what it truly meant to be a Robin, and wore the cowl and cape with pride.

These three extraordinary young men moulded so much of my life because I looked up to them as individuals who, despite their trials and tribulations, always strove to be better. Sure, they made mistakes. Their mistakes cost lives, but it never ended their pursuit to be the best that they could be, not just as Robins, but as men. All of the Robins, save Damian, eventually went off to lead their own lives but they did so not because they sought freedom from the Robin mantle, but because they knew that to honour Robin they had to move forward and become heroes. There must always be a Robin to keep Batman grounded in reality, and to show him that he is not alone in the fight, but more than that he acts as a symbol that, while the Batman has never been able to move past the murder of his family, resulting in his drive to complete his mission no matter the cost, this need not be the case for them.

They can move past the circumstances that threw them into the life of a Robin, and become strong enough to not out grow the cowl and cape of a Robin, but to let it go and pass it on to the next generation. A Robin is someone who can show hope to the readers of the Batman series that no matter how dark the times you go through, no matter how hard the decisions that you have to make, when you make the decision that allows you to become a stronger and better person, you will make it through and be reborn. In many ways, I believe it shows us that there is hope for all of us, even the Batman.

Workout 1: Squats

Back squat

– Work up to a max – strip down and work up to a beltless top set of 5

Pull ups

– 4 x max reps + 1 x max reps strip set of lat pull downs

Leg extension

– 4 x 8 + 1 x max reps strip set


– 4 x max reps

Ab roll outs

– 4 x max reps (30 seconds rest in between)

Workout 2: Bench Press

Bench Press

– Work up to a 3RM

– 4 x 2 @ 3RM

– 4 x max reps close grip @ 50%

Single arm press

– 5 x 10


– 4 x max reps

Tricep Push down

– 5 x 10 + 1 x strip set

Banded pull apartĀ 

– 1 x 100

Workout 3: Deadlift

Conventional Deadlift

– work up to a 3RM

– 1 repĀ EMOM x 10 minutes @ 3RM


– 5 x 10

Bent over rows

– 5 x max reps

Pull ups

– 3 x max reps

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Get out there. Crush your training. Be a Robin!

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