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12/12/14 – Don’t lose your joy

Training should be fun. If you are getting to the stage where you cannot find the joy in what you are doing then you my friend need to take one giant step back and re-evaluate your training and the motivation behind it. That being said, training should not be easy. As I have said in previous articles, when you start getting comfortable you start to stagnate. Without progressive overload your will never get any better. you need to make sure that you are always trying for the one more rep, that shorter rest period, that extra KG on the bar. You need to push the limits in one way or another to force yourself to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Only by pushing the limits are we going to expand our boundaries and break through our previous limitations


Truly it is only outside of your comfort zone that the magic happens, not just in but also out of the gym. We need to enjoy the pursuit of our goals, no matter how hard they may be to achieve. You and I, and everyone on this planet need to enjoy the process of hard work. We need to embrace the grind and take pride in our work. Whether its the training, the environment, or just bro’ing out with your friends, the joy of training should never be diminished by the severity of the training.

Here was todays training:


– Plenty of doubles till things started to break down. Stick there and work on technique before you keep going.

– 8 minute EMOM single @90kg

Panda pulls

– 4×3

Pull ups

– 5 x max reps

Behind the neck press

– 3x 8


– 4 x max reps

Today really kicked my ass but I had a great time doing it.

Remember, your training should be fun. Don’t lose the joy!

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Train Strong.

Live Strong.

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