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11/12/14 – Let it go

I am sure you are as sick of hearing ‘Let it go’ as much as I am, but that crazy girl with the ice powers does have a point. The truth is that we all get so emotionally attached to what does not go according to plan in our lives that any deviation from our perception of what we deem to be our expectations. The fact is that some days are just better than others and we need to learn as a species to hold ourselves accountable for our bad days, but embrace the good days when they happen. After all, its just a bad day!

It is not the end of the world when things go your way, in fact, a wise man once told me that there are no lessons learnt in victory but a thousand to be learnt in defeat. Well I definitely learnt a lesson today. I had spent the entire day gearing up to deadlift 200kg for a double, and I failed. At earlier points in my life I would have let this get to me mentally and would have let it affect me negatively for the rest of my session. instead all I did was take a few deep breaths, remember that I am only human, that failure in inevitable, and then I moved on with the rest of my day.



– work up to a beltless 2RM

-work to a belted 2RM

– 3×3 on 20kg less than your belted 2RM

Bent over rows

– 4 x 12

Pull ups

– 5 x max reps + 1 x max reps strip set of straight arm cable pull downs.

Bicep curls

– 3 x 20

Make sure that you are not so caught up in your own self inflated expectations that you forget that you are only human and that you will fail, but in failure you will find the lessons that you need in order to progress and to move forward not just in the gym but outside of it.

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