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3/12/14 – Can you feel the pressure?

Pressure is something that we all have to deal with on a daily basis, and without it you will never have a chance to shine. In the hierarchy of human needs we all have an innate desire for stability and certainty. We need to know when that next pay check is coming in. We need to know that our kids are safe at night, and we need to know that we are doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons. All being well in your life you will experience these times of stability and they will lead to many great developments in your life. Now, the key word here is ‘developments’. We as a species are creatures of habit. we like to do the same things because we know they will lead to a good experience, case and point – how many of you have seen the same movie twice in the last three months? A few of you and I’m sure, and to you I say, GET A LIFE! Your already knew the movie was good, so why go back? Because its familiar and easy. Beginning to see the problem here?

Seriously though, we get into routines and we never develop ourselves to act beyond our routines, or set ideals of our current situation and this leads our once prized stability and certainty to ferment into stagnation. Stagnation is the killer of development, whether it be physical, mental, professional or social. The minute we become too settled in our current situation we begin to ebb towards a point of stagnation, like a river that has a block in its flow. Remember that a Gold Fishes size is directly related to the size of its environment. Dont be someone that is limited by their current environment.


Screw you guys. I’m going to the lake!

That is why the second of our basic human needs is instability. We need change and pressure, and uncertainty in order to get out there and force ourselves to develop and grow. Without this uncertainty we will all cease to grow and die lie trees that have been lost in an ever growing, ever expanding canopy that blocks out the sky.

So get out of your comfort zone embrace the world and all its pressures. These pressures may lead you to develop into quite the diamond in the rough.

Over head press

– work up to a 2RM

– 4 x 3

Klokov press

– 4 x 8


-5 x max reps

Tricep Pushdown

– 4 x 12

Lateral raise

– 3 x 20

I hope you enjoy todays workout and that you’ll take every step that you need to develop yourself in to the amazing men and women that I know you can be. Remember, the pressure means nothing if your strong enough.

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Train Strong.

Live Strong.

Be Strong.

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