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30/11/14 – Passion and Product: Know the difference

I want to clarify something for you, coaching is not my ‘passion’. I love coaching, strength and the Iron more than anything but, it is not my ‘passion’, and it is not at the heart of why I am in the strength game or the coaching game. The truth is, the thing that really gets my rocks of is self empowerment, and that my friends is that Rebellion Strength is all about.

I have been listening to the audiobook, ‘Talk like TED’¬†by Carmine Gallo, a famous¬†communications coach, and he said that there are two major keys to effective communication, passion and telling stories. Well, I am ‘passionate’ about strength and conditioning and the science of performance development and anatomy, but this is not what Gallo means when he talks about passion. He is talking about that thing that makes “your heart sing”, that ‘thing’ that is at the heart of your product. If you keep asking yourself ‘why?’ enough times you tend to get the the root of what really underlies your product.

For me, my product is my skill as a personal trainer, and my desire to apply that skill in the realms of strength and conditioning, but the ‘why’ behind my product is the self empowerment that taking responsibility for your body and your life gives you; and why am I obsessed with self empowerment? Because I know what it is like to feel weak, and to blame everyone else for it. For as long as I can remember I was weak both physically and mentally. I blamed everyone else for my situation and never took any responsibility for my lack of athletic prowess, my physique, or social awkwardness. I blamed genetics for the former and the fact that I was the victim of horrendous bullying and physical violence for the latter, but the truth is, that was all horse shit. I was fat because I never ate right, trained, or did anything resembling hard work. I was socially awkward because I never had the guts to stand up and fight. To beat my chest, fight back and say, “This is me! This is who I am! Take me or leave me, but your never going to beat me!”. Instead all I did was take it, internalise it, and waste what could have been some of the best years of my life being too scared to be the person that I was deep down and let people take me as I was, not as the person I was trying to be based on my expectations of who the thought I should be. I let many opportunities for new friendships and amazing experience pass me by out of fear and resentment. You know that saying about how you only regret the things you don’t do? Case and point.

The iron saved me. Weight plates and barbells where my swords and armour. The people I met, the weights that I lifted, they all took me to this point 1kg at a time. They made me understand that you are responsible for everything that goes on in and out of the gym. You are the only one that can make yourself better. Other people will help you, but it all comes down to you. Strength is a choice, and it’s the simplest choice to make, but it is by no means easy – however, what in this life is easy and still worth it? Very little. So while there was no training done on this day, I have finally laid down the concrete manifesto of Rebellion Strength – empowerment of the individual via physical training and positive behavioural reinforcement to create a superior individual to help build a superior culture, and eventually, a superior world. Is it a lofty goal? Sure! But then again, if you are strong enough, no goal is too much.

Train Strong.

Live Strong.

Be Strong.

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