How to Look Good Naked!

Let’s be real for a moment, whether you are all about performance or dat aesthetics life, we all just want to look good naked. It is a basic, some might even say primal need to look as appealing to the opposite sex as possible, and I am going to give you some tips on how to make sure that you are looking as sexy as possible. Sex appeal is everywhere, in our marketing, our media, our homes, pop culture and fashion. Particularly in fashion. The reason for this being that we are a species of peacocks. We buy the best dressings, trimmings and trappings to look as appealing as possible to the opposite sex, but really this is all a facade. The media has made you ashamed of your body and how it doesn’t look like those that grace the cover of many a glossy magazine. Well I am here to tell you that it’s ok, and that you should probably be less hard on yourself because –  here is the dirty little secret. Not everyone can have a six pack. This, has nothing to do with genetics and physiology, and has everything to do with the fact that many don’t truly understand the level of time, work, and dedication that goes into the getting abs and oblique ridges, and once again, thats ok.

TIP 1 – Take a step away from the media:

I think we all have had the moment where we look around ourselves and we judge our bodies against those of the general public and we think to ourselves, “I feel pretty damn good about myself right now.” This is natural and doesn’t make you a bad person – a tad shallow, but not a bad person. We all do it so lets all just get off our high horses for a moment and just be real. We use the people around us as a yard stick for how good we look and feel, so why do we let ourselves get bogged down by some half starved dude/chick on a magazine, and believe me, they are half starved. We have an obsession with leanness and our perception of sexy, but none of use really can separate lean from healthy and trust me, there is a difference. The thing that no one likes to talk about is the fact that these models that we use to judge our appearance against are only in that level of shape a few weeks out of the year, and what they go through to look that ‘good’- which lets remember is a relative term, is intense and something that takes a special kind of person to achieve. Endless hours of training, meal prepping, in some cases dehydrating and having a life that revolves around be lean and aesthetic, not healthy, and if you talk to many people who have been through this will tell you that its not a fun experience.

Click this image for one of the most honest articles out there regarding the difference between lean and healthy.

Click this image for one of the most honest articles out there regarding the difference between lean and healthy.

So my first tip is this, go cold turkey for a week. Don’t look at people lifting/training/dieting/modelling on youtube, in magazines, on Instagram or Pintrest and then have a look at yourself in the mirror. I will put down cold hard cash that while you may not look any better, you wont have an image in your mind to compare yourself against and create a self destructive pattern of ‘us and them’ and as a result feel that much better about your body as a whole. Remember, if no one has every chucked you out of bed once they have seen you naked, chances are that they wont. Human beings love contact and love being around one another. If you have made it this far, chances are your safe as houses.

TIP 2 – Be responsible:

Ok, so while you may never end up looking like Steve Cook or Jamie Easton do on the cover of Muscle and Fitness all year round, that does not mean you cant look and feel like the best version of yourself possible, just in reason. There is very little in the world more primal than the need to go out and assert your physical dominance over something. Whether if be over an obstacle, an opposing team, or even just a previous PR, getting physical in life is such an intrinsic part of the human experience that we need to embrace the physical/sexual part of ourselves, because whether we want to admit it or not getting physical is sexual. I don’t mean this in terms of straight or gay, but more in terms of the fact that we train to feel good, and when you feel good you look good, when you look good you get chatted up more, and when you get chatted up more the likelihood of you getting laid is substantially higher.

He doesn't look like this 24/7, 365 days of the year. So stop expecting that you should!

He doesn’t look like this 24/7, 365 days of the year. So stop expecting that you should!

So my second tip is this, get active. Get physical. Increased levels of exercise  and physical exertion will lead to an increase fat burning potential, growth hormone production, endorphine production levels, all things that make you more confident and happy. This confidence will shine through in your daily life and your night time activities. To get in great shape you can hire a personal trainer, but really what this comes down to is making you exude confidence in your daily life which will not just make you more appealing due to your increased physical prowess- because lets be honest, athletes do it better – but in your entire body language. Remember the roughly 70% of all communication is non verbal, and nothing is less attractive than someone who’s body language illustrates a host of deep seated personal issues. Stand tall, stay proud and remember, you have worked hard for your body and your physical ability. They say that there is somebody for everybody. Well I like to think of it as that there is some body for every body. It’s just up to you to believe that, that body is your body!

This was a quick little snippet of the kind of personal development aspects of training that I provide. Personal trainers don’t just change lives with barbells, but also with our words and beliefs. Get in touch to find out how I can help you via the details on the contacts page. Much love to all of you and remember, be confident and believe that you are beautiful, and sexy, and confident, and most of all – that you deserve to be loved physically, sexually and spiritually. Because, lets be honest, if you cant do that, don’t be surprised that others wont.




Rogan Allport – Head Trainer

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