Getting back in the game!

Hey Rebels!

I have been quite for a little while now so here is a quick update. For the last few months I have been dealing with a nasty back injury to my SIJ which out me out of proper action for a while. However, as one door closes another door opens! I have switched jobs and am now a full time Personal trainer! The Rebellion is moving forward and so am I!!! To that end I have come back to training with a new vigor and am now putting myself back in the swing of things focusing on Olympic Lifting.

Last night I got a 5kg PR on my Snatch, brining it up to a mere 65kg, but hey, progress is progress!  That was the followed by 3×3 / 3×1 115kg Snatch pulls. All this was finished off a boat load of accessory work for my upper back and lats, i.e. single arm rows, pull ups, Klokov press, face pulls etc.

I have set myself a few goals for the upcoming months and may even be making an appearance at the WSA Welsh counties Powerlifting meet, but I will keep you all updated on that going forward. It’s good to be back in action and gaining some traction!

Get in touch to find out how you can be part of the Rebellion!


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