Another Amazing Testimonial!!

Working with Becca has been such a pleasure! I cannot wait to see how she progresses in the future.

“I would have to say my experience of working with Rogan has been a lot of ‘firsts’.

Since working with Rogan it is the first time ever I have been able to walk into a gym and not feel completely intimidated, I feel confident to exercise and not feel like ‘everyone is staring at me!’.

It is also the first time that when exercising I am actually able to get an understanding of what I am doing as Rogan has not only instructed me but has taken the time to explain why I am doing certain things and how it will help me improve.

It is the first time I have enjoyed excessing and actually looked forward to going to the gym, Rogan varies every session so I learn something new every session, he ensures I walk away feeling positive and like I have achieved something.

It is the first time I have not only stuck to an exercise and diet plan but the first time I have seen results, I feel healthier, happier and am getting closer and closer to my goal!” – Becca Nelson


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