What makes it all worth while!

“Inspired, Motivated, Energised and unable to walk down a set of stairs in the morning…My first month of training with Rogan at Rebellion Strength and has been one big learning curve coupled with the awakening of forgotten muscles and their functions! 

This month has been all about establishing great technique and working out what kind of level I am at and where I need to go. In order to do so, Rogan has embedded the most important principles of lifting, pushing, pulling weights in the gym in order to maximise my sessions and progress. Rogan’s ability to spot the tiniest of errors in my technique (throughout the completion of the motion) has radically transformed the way I gym and the possibilities of faster progression. As a result, I have been able to bench, squat, press and deadlift more weight, with better form, than ever before which feels great.

Once establishing a sound technique, Rogan has been coaching me to my 5 Rep Max in; Squat, Deadlift, Bench and various Overhead Presses (Strict, Push etc…). I’ve surprised myself with the amount of weight I can comfortably move, and Rogan has ensured to push me to my limit in all my session with him to date. When you think the hard work is over and the instruction to remove the majority of the weight is given, you naturally think a rest/cool-down is about to come – quite the opposite! This is when the intensity is increased and my body has been pushed to its limit! I particularly like this part of the session although hate Rogan at the same time for it!

Another new dynamic Rogan has introduced to my gym session are proper warm ups and cool downs (consisting of lunges, kettlebell swings, stretches etc…) which have really helped with my flexibility whilst also reducing most post-gym soreness; allowing me to continue with normal life (getting in and out of the car without panting like a mother mid contraction due to tight hamstrings) and train hard in the following days. Another aspect of my training with Rogan that I didn’t expect is his seriously detailed knowledge of the human body and how to mitigate certain injury issues, fix tight limbs and general support and advice regarding questions of this nature.

This month I want to continue to set new personal records, improve my core strength and work on my grip and generally girly soft hands….Bring on March!” 

 Kieran Ghandi


If this doesn’t make it all worth while, then I don’t know what does! Kieran started off like many of us, a great sportsman with a lot of bad habits. It has been a pleasure working with Kieran and I am looking forward to seeing him smash more PR’s in the months to come!

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