Welcome to the Rebellion

Right, first things first, I want to get something of my chest. I cannot stand the fact that we are living in society in which we are told that it is acceptable to be¬†mediocre. Am I saying that I am angry with people who are not elite level athletes? HELL NO! Because then I’d be angry with myself, and honestly verbal self flagilation is not my style, but I digress. What angers me are people who let themselves get overweight, unfit, and unhealthy with bad food, bad habits and bad company, because to want better goes against the grain. To train hard, to say that you are better than this and deserve more, to take command of your reality and actively try to alter your situation makes you the outcast.

I changed my situation massively. I used to be dramatically overweight, unfit, and just generally not the strongest version of myself. However, when I started to change, I rebelled from the mindset that I had. I rebelled against the thought that I wasn’t good enough and that I could never change. I want you all to realise that you are good enough, that there is nothing you cannot do if you are willing to work hard enough to achieve it! Remember my friends, the juice is always worth the squeeze. So this is what this blog is about, waging our own personal Rebellion against the trend, daring to be all that you can be and going that extra mile in the pursuit of everything that you ever wanted. There are going to be some things said on this blog that you may not like, some things you may not agree with, but everything will hopefully make you think, make me think, and lead us all towards a greater drive to become all that we can be.

So, welcome to the Rebellion

Train Strong.

Live Strong.

Be Strong.


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