Welcome To The Rebellion


My name is Rogan Allport, and I believe in strength.


I started Rebellion Strength to provide quality training and programming in order to help people like you achieve your goals and become the strongest version of yourself.

I became inspired by strength when I moved into the realms of strength training as both an aspiring strength athlete, but also as an everyday person just like you. I was welcomed into a community that contains some of the strongest people that I have had the pleasure and privilege to ever meet.

From elite level powerlifters and strongmen, to barristers and nurses, I have been touched by the incredible level of personal strength and commitment shown by these individuals to living a life that is above the norm. They see that there is no difference between having the strength to pull a new deadlift PR (personal record), and the strength needed to push through a 15 hour shift for the sake of a patient, or to pull an all-nighter at the office because they believe in their client.

Strength is universal, and is at the heart of each and every person. I believe in physical training as a means by which you too can recognise your true strength and become the strongest version on yourself.


What we can promise you, is a stronger, healthier body.

What we can promise you, is a better quality of life.

What we can promise you, is a journey towards finding your inner strength and confidence.

You don’t have to be an athlete to be strong, and we can prove it by making you the strongest version of yourself, both in and out of the gym.


I can offer you personal training, expert nutrition advice, carefully constructed online coaching, and most important of all, the motivation to keep going.

Get in touch for your free consultation!

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